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CMMS & Preventive Maintenance Management Software


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PMXpert preventative maintenance software
PMXpert preventative maintenance software

Asset Maintenance Management with PMXpert Software

Whether you have 5 assets or 500+, PMXpert lets you keep everything organized in one place for efficient and complete asset management!


PMXpert’s comprehensive Assets screen allows you record extensive details about each asset, including their required preventive maintenance services. As work is completed in various other screens, PMXpert continually tracks and updates the information related to each asset.


You can return to the Assets screen at any time to view complete historical data for your assets, including work orders, services, parts, fluids, labor, downtime, meter readings, location history and warranty information.


Do you have trouble keeping track of documents like manuals, pictures, service reports, and safety reports?  No worries – the Assets screen provides a convenient place to store those important files. You can easily attach the documents to the specify related assets, and never waste valuable time hunting them down again.

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"I find as a supervisor that PMXpert is a great tool - an all in one package. I can see pictures of my equipment, trace where my equipment was/is, and the cost of repairs. Sites are sharing info with us about maintenance and they can see the available gear we have ready to go. My suppliers info is in there, work orders and so much more -  just a great tool overall. The greatest part is I'm not a computer guy and I can work PMXpert."


- Alan Dicaire,

Dumas Contracting Ltd.

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Take your preventive maintenance management
to a whole new level with PMXpert