Options for Calling PMXpert Support

North America

Email: Support@PMXpert.com

Phone: 866-920-7996 (Press 2)

Fax: (306) 975-3739

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For Best Service, Follow These Steps

To ensure the fastest response time, please provide as much of the following information as possible, whether you are contacting Support by phone, voice message or email:

When contacting Support, you may find it convenient to have PMXpert running in the area that is causing the issue.

Support Procedures

When you contact PMXpert Support, you may notice that calls and emails are first routed through our Support Receptionists.

Our Support Receptionists monitor and organize the intake of support requests so that Technical Support Representatives can dedicate their full energy and attention to resolving technical support issues as quickly as possible (rather than being distracted with administrative work).

A typical Support case will follow this procedure:

  1. You report an issue to Support. Regardless of how you prefer to contact Support, you can be confident that your issue will receive the same prompt and dedicated attention from our Support team whether you call, email or leave a voice message.
  2. A Support Receptionist records the details of your issue, creates a Support Case for your issue, assigns an HQ Number to it, and emails you the HQ Number for the case.
  3. The Support Case is entered into the Support Queue.
  4. Technical Support Representatives are assigned Support Cases out of the Support Queue in the order that the cases were received.
  5. The assigned Technical Support Representative will work to resolve your case as soon as possible. He or she may need to work with you over the phone or through GoToMeeting to find a resolution.
  6. The Technical Support Representative will contact you with the resolution for your issue. If an immediate resolution is not available, the Technical Support Representative will begin troubleshooting the issue with your assistance.
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