Equipment Maintenance

Simplify equipment maintenance, work orders and inventory with one integrated program

If you’re looking for a construction and job site maintenance solution, PMXpert can help! Our professional, easy-to-use maintenance system will help you increase efficiency, streamline operations, and optimize the use of your resources so that your assets stay in peak condition.

With PMXpert’s flexible design and comprehensive features, you can create the ideal preventive maintenance solution for your needs. Simple and user-friendly, PMXpert allows for custom definition of fields and options. Your customized settings then allow you to categorize and record information the way you require for construction and job site maintenance.

Heavy equipment

PMXpert is your complete, affordable and easy-to-use solution for preventative maintenance.

PMXpert saves you money

Save Money

Reduce operating costs and extend life of equipment

PMXpert saves you time

Save Time

Increase workplace efficiency and ensure work is done on time

PMXpert helps you provide better service

Provide Better Service

Prevent inventory shortages and reduce incidence of catastrophic breakdowns

PMXpert helps make your job easier

Make Your Job Easier

Accurate data and cost analysis with detailed reporting simplifies decision making

Equipment maintenance features you are looking for

With PMXpert, you can mix and match options to create a custom CMMS &
Preventive Maintenance Management Software solution, tailored to your unique needs.

The benefits to you

Here are just a few of the benefits you will experience with PMXpert Software

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Save time & money

Instead of scrambling from problem to problem - losing time and money every step of the way - PMXpert will help you tackle maintenance proactively. Closely monitor costs and services with PMXpert’s detailed reports. Catch potential problems before they start and identify the assets that are draining money from your budget.

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Simple to learn, easy to use

You don’t have time to struggle with difficult, finicky software! PMXpert is designed to spit out the information you need with the least amount of effort from you.

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Increase productivity

Why bother with menial tasks when PMXpert can do them for you? The PM Schedule automatically pulls in due services. Work Orders automatically pull in low-stock inventory items. You get the idea - it’s automated!

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Make informed decisions

PMXpert’s detailed, one-click reports provide all the information you need, helping you better allocate resources, control costs, and predict future maintenance needs.

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Protect your assets

Don’t wait until assets fail before you take care of them! Scheduling proactive maintenance and inspections with PMXpert will help minimize asset downtime and extend the life of your assets, ultimately saving you money.

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Get work done on time, no excuses

PMXpert will schedule services on time, every time. Pop-up notifications ensure that workers know what they have to do and when. Work Orders can contain detailed notes and procedures so that work is done correctly.

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