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PMXpert Installation Guide

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Update PMXpert Software Enterprise Edition Installation

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NOTE: This update will only update the shared files on the server.

Each time a user runs PMXpert from the workstation, the loader application (PMXpertLoader.exe) performs a check against each required file on the server, and any new updates are automatically copied to the workstation prior to running PMXpert.  

In this way, updates need only be installed once to the shared folder on the server and all workstations will update themselves as required.


1.Choose Update a Previous Version.  Make sure that you have a current backup of your data before proceeding and click [Next]

2.The next page displays the history of version changes called What’s New.  Please take the time to print or read this page, as it contains important information.  Click [Next] to continue.

3.You must now verify the location of the PMXpert application on the server. This folder should be set to the correct location, but if not, you can reset it here by clicking the Browse button.

4.NOTE: The application folder must be set to the location of the PMXpert application on the shared server.  

5.Click [Next] to continue.

6.Once again, verify that the installation folders are correct and click [Next] to begin the installation.

7.Once all files have been copied to the server, the setup program will prompt for the SQL Server Options.  You must provide the following information to allow the setup program to update the PMXpert databases on your MS-SQL Server:

a.SQL Server: This is the name or IP of the MS-SQL server where the PMXpert databases reside.

b.Admin Username: This must be an administrator account on the MS-SQL server.

c.Password: This is the password of the administrator account.

8.Once this data has been entered, click [OK] to continue.

9.The setup program will perform a connection test to the MS-SQL server specified and ensure that the username and password are valid. It will also ensure that the username is a valid system administrator account. If this test fails, you will have to re-enter the information and try again.

10.If the test succeeds, the setup program will proceed with the update of all required PMXpert databases.

11.Once it is complete, click [Finish].



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