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CMMS & Preventive Maintenance Management Software

PMXpert preventative maintenance software

Never overlook a task or deadline again!

with PMX AlertAssistant Extension for PMXpert

PMXpert preventative maintenance software
PMXAlert Assistant

Nothing will fall through the cracks at your facility when you use the new AlertAssistant for PMXpert VirtualAssistant Suite! Automatic email reminders ensure that the right people know what is happening at all times.


The AlertAssistant scans PMXpert for you and automatically sends out notification emails to selected recipients when certain triggering events occur.


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PMXpert preventative maintenance software
CMMS preventive maintenance
  • Offer Convenience:

    Offer Convenience: No longer do you need to use a tree’s worth of sticky notes or continually yell across the shop to remind people of important activities. Set-up standardized emails once and direct those emails be sent to  people in specific roles e.g. Operator, Responsible Person, etc.

  • Eliminate Confusion:

    No more excuses from maintenance workers that they didn’t know something was due. PMXpert keeps them in the know (what was due and who was responsible), so you don’t have to.

  • Improve Organization & Accuracy:

    You select what events you want a reminder set for, choose the recipients and set how often the AlertAssistant scans PMXpert looking for them. You only need to set-up the standardized emails once, which prevents errors that crop up with repetitive typing. You can also use Merge Fields in the emails, which will automatically pull in the correct data - dates, names, description, etc. - so you don’t need to look all this information up every time you want to send a notification.

  • Customizable:

    You choose the triggering events, and how often PMXpert is checked. You can also set when overdue notifications are repeated, and define the subject and message of emails. The emails are customized to your organization, so you are providing exactly the information required in the time it is needed.

The Benefits?


PMX AlertAssistant
preventive maintenance management

Take your preventive maintenance management
to a whole new level with PMXpert