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PMXpert preventative maintenance software

Service Requests - All Online!

With PMXWeb Module

PMXpert preventative maintenance software

Does your facility receive a constant stream of service requests day in and day out? Is your day filled with phone calls and notes from people needing things fixed? Then you need PMXWeb, the online service request intake module available for PMXpert Software. Accessible from any Internet browser, PMXWeb provides all the convenience and benefits of the Service Request Module, plus more!


Everyone knows that work moves along more efficiently without frequent interruptions. With PMXWeb, you can now check service requests on your own schedule, instead of on demand of the requester. If you don’t feel the matter is urgent, you can simply assign the problem to the asset and PMXpert can add the problem to the next service work order.


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PMXpert preventative maintenance software
PMXWeb Service requests online
  • Offer Convenience:

    People can send online requests whenever it is most convenient for them - and you can check the requests when most convenient for you. It’s a win-win situation!


  • Eliminate Confusion:

    Requesters can quickly and easily describe the

    problem in their own words, without worrying about specific, complicated terminology.

  • Improve Organization & Accuracy:

    You assign PMXpert-specific information to the service request during processing, ensuring that it is accurately described and filed.


  • Provide More Efficient Service:


    With fewer disruptions to workflow, you can concentrate on providing efficient service according to priority, instead of constantly dropping current work to deal with incoming phone calls and drop-ins.

  • Keep Your System Safe:

    People making online requests do not need access to PMXpert, which keeps non-technical people out of your carefully organized system.


Streamlined Requests:
No more disruptive phone calls, notes and visits.


Centralized Information:
All reported problems flow automatically into PMXpert.


The service manager can review the requests when convenient.


Keep non-maintenance people out of your carefully organized system.


No More Interruptions:
Logged-in viewers can check in on their request's status online.


PMXpert preventative maintenance software


preventive maintenance management

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