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CMMS & Preventive Maintenance Management Software


Predictive Maintenance

Reduce Equipment Failures

PMXpert preventative maintenance software
PMXpert preventative maintenance software

Predictive Maintenance Management System

PMXpert gives you a user-friendly way to manage your assets and processes. Whether you don’t currently have a software solution or are using an outdated system, you’re probably here because you’re looking to transform your predictive maintenance. You know that there has to be a better way, so let us show you how PMXpert can help!


PMXpert is your complete, affordable and easy-to-use solution for preventative maintenance.

Save Money
Save Time
Provide better service
Make your job easier

Save Money


Reduce operating costs

and extend life of equipment



Save Time


Increase workplace efficiency and ensure work is done on time



Provide better service


Prevent inventory shortages and reduce incidence of catastrophic breakdowns



Make your job easier


Accurate data and cost analysis with detailed reporting simplifies decision making



Predictive Maintenance Management features you're looking for


With PMXpert, you can mix and match options to create a custom CMMS & Preventive Maintenance Management Software solution, tailored to your unique needs.


Import information, including but not limited to, costing and meter readings from external sources.



Complete management of your assets including all details on your PM services, historical information and asset details.

Asset ManagementAssetManagement

Record all details of your assets. Easily retrieve work orders, services, parts, fluids, labor, downtime, meter readings, location history and warranty information.

Asset HistoryAssetHistory



Track when assets are not in use, whether planned or unplanned.

Downtime TrackingDowntimeTracking

Set up the database specific to your terminology (service type and cycle definition, asset, inventory, etc.) and create custom fields to meet your needs.



A complete and filterable history of all expenses (parts, fluids, labor, etc.) incurred on assets.

Costing HistoryCostingHistory



Ability to update all asset meters quickly and easily.

Meter UpdateMeterUpdate

Keep track of current, available and needed stock numbers on all tracked parts and fluids.  Generate PO's based on available, min/max or back ordered stocks.

Inventory ManagementInventory


Color coding allows easy identification of the service status. View calendar by week, month or year, and show assets by category.

Service CalendarService Calendar


Receive emails based on milestones like overdue work orders, overdue PM services and low inventory.

Alert Assistant ModuleAlertAssistant Module





Track labor (internal and external) hours and costs for all work orders and services.

Labor TrackingLaborTracking



Ability to email service requests that are then automatically pulled into PMXpert for completion.

Service Request by email Service Request




Submit and check status of service requests or work orders through an online portal.

PMXWeb ModulePMXWeb Module


Receive in-application notifications on overdue work order services and overdue unscheduled PM services.

Automated Service AlertsAutomated Service Alerts


Get fast, accurate detailed information with professionally designed reports that can be customized for all your reporting needs.

Powerful ReportingPowerful



Tracking of all PM and emergency repair services with all parts, labor, fluids, and procedures.

Work OrderWork


See upcoming PM services and generate WO's grouped by asset, service, responsible person, and location, as required.

PM SchedulingPM


Generate PO's based on low inventory and/or non-inventory parts with the ability to set user authorization limits.

Purchase OrdersPurchaseOrders



Provide different levels of access to the system on a per-user basis.

Assignable User SecurityAssignable
User Security


Attach external documents to assets, like manuals, images, service reports or safety reports.

Asset AttachmentAsset

Create batches of inventory items with set expiration dates. When a batch expires, the items become expired stock, which can then be disposed of.

Inventory Batch ModuleInventory Batch Module


Wizards make the system user-friendly, while saving time and ensuring that all necessary information is captured.


Set-up a shell of an asset that includes all its basic details, PM services, parts lists, and more to make addition of new assets quick and easy.

Asset Templates

With PMXpert, we are able to track all facets of vehicle operations including fuel and repair expenses, when scheduled services are due, miles driven and costs per mile. It would be almost impossible to do this tracking without PMXpert. I would recommend this program to anyone from the smallest to the largest vehicle fleet.

- Jim Mudd,
Hendrick Medical Center

Maintenance Management Software

PMXpert’s flexible system adapts to any industry, so you can use the terminology & processes familiar to your workers, helping them get to peak efficiency faster. PMXpert automatically schedules services according to the time and meter cycle you set, ensuring that important maintenance is never overlooked.


Easily generate detailed Work Orders with a click, and link related services to reduce downtimes. PMXpert’s integrated inventory helps you avoid shortages and waste by automatically tracking items used for services, so you can keep stock at optimal levels and make better purchasing decisions.

PMXpert keeps you organized effortlessly by centralizing all maintenance information in an easy-to-view tabbed layout. Plus, with over 40 built-in, professionally designed, customizable reports, PMXpert can help you easily review past maintenance data, predict future needs, and improve your maintenance processes.


Track the information you need, including work orders, asset details, part warranties, consumption limits, services, cost history, meter updates, purchase orders, inventory, and much more.

Make your life easier with one streamlined
Computerized Maintenance Management System


Enter the warranty period of an asset or part, and the system will notify you if work is being done during the warranty period.

Warranty TrackingWarrantyTracking 

preventive maintenance management

Take your preventive maintenance management
to a whole new level with PMXpert