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CMMS & Preventive Maintenance Management Software


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Learn More About Purchase Order Management

PMXpert preventative maintenance software
PMXpert preventative maintenance software

Purchase Order Management with PMXpert Software

PMXpert’s integrated, flexible Purchase Orders screen allows you to create purchase orders the way you need for the situation at hand - automatically generated for tracked inventory, or manually entered as the need arises.


To take advantage of PMXpert’s behind-the-scenes inventory monitoring, you can enter minimum and maximum amounts on inventory items.  When you generate purchase orders, PMXpert will check those levels and automatically add inventory items in the quantity needed to get them back to their maximum levels.  Since you can have multiple Suppliers set up on an inventory item, you decide whether the generated purchase orders will use current supplies or the suppliers with the lowest costs.


For more flexibility, you can create a Purchase Order by hand, adding whatever item you want, whether it’s an item recorded in your PMXpert Inventory, or a completely new item you type in on the spot.


You can monitor the progress of your purchase orders as they move from Authorized to Received.  To ensure proper authorization, you can set maximum approval amounts on each PMXpert User.

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"I find as a supervisor that PMXpert is a great tool - an all in one package. I can see pictures of my equipment, trace where my equipment was/is, and the cost of repairs. Sites are sharing info with us about maintenance and they can see the available gear we have ready to go. My suppliers info is in there, work orders and so much more -  just a great tool overall. The greatest part is I'm not a computer guy and I can work PMXpert."


- Alan Dicaire,

Dumas Contracting Ltd.

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