Report Examples

No more searching through endless amounts of paper

When using PMXpert, reports are easy to find; PMXpert automatically organizes the information you enter into a variety of reports available for viewing, editing and customizing at any time. It comes with over 40 professionally designed reports, as well as a Report Designer. With these features, you have the options of using PMXpert’s reports as they are, modifying them to suit your needs or creating your own.

Whether it’s Asset Reports, Work Order Reports, Inventory Reports or Costing Reports, PMXpert's unique "filtering" feature allows the user to isolate the exact information to be used for the report. The possibilities are endless and you’ll always have the information you’re looking for available right at your fingertips.

Listed below are some of the maintenance planning reports provided in PMXpert. Keep in mind that you control what information appears on the reports by selecting from a variety of filtering options.

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