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PMXpert preventative maintenance software
PMXpert preventative maintenance software

Service Request Management with PMXpert Software

Keep service requests organized with a multitude of options from PMXpert.


PMXpert’s optional Service Request Module expands your options for receiving and managing service requests, allowing you to streamline request intake and maximize work performance efficiency.


With the Service Request Module, people can email their asset service requests to a designated email address you have provided.  Email request intake eliminates the need to install PMXpert on every person’s computer, and prevents non-technical users from accessing your system.  The service request emails are automatically directed into the specialized Requests area of PMXpert, where the maintenance manager can review the email requests, assign them to the appropriate assets, and create work orders – all in a few easy steps on one screen.


Not only does this help you keep service requests better organized, it makes the process simple and convenient for the people submitting requests.  The service request emails only need to contain basic information about the item in question and problem occurring. The individuals sending requests don’t need to know the specialized terminology of your maintenance department, or guess at the technical names of the equipment and inventory needed.  When the emails appear in PMXpert’s Requests area, your maintenance manager can ensure the information is recorded correctly.


The Service Request Module also improves work efficiency by allowing you to prioritize incoming requests, and organize service performance alongside other scheduled or on-demand work. Critical, high-priority demands can be converted into their own Work Orders for immediate attention.  Less urgent issues can be added to existing Work Orders to be performed along with other services, reducing the asset’s downtime and making the most of your employees’ work hours.


Want to take service requests online? Accessible from any Internet browser, the PMXWeb Module provides all the convenience and benefits of the Service Request Module, plus more! PMXWeb lets you check service requests on your own schedule, instead of on demand of the requester.  The online request form can be protected by login credentials if you only want authorized users accessing it, or you can have an online form that bypasses login and provides access to a wider group of people – your guests, customers, clients, or other third parties who can report problems with your equipment, assets, or facilities.


As with service request emails, your maintenance manager will be able to assess, prioritize, and assign the issues reported from the online form in the centralized Requests area of PMXpert.  If you want, you can allow authorized logged-in users to view the Request List online, so that they can track the progress of their requests without bothering your maintenance department.

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"I find as a supervisor that PMXpert is a great tool - an all in one package. I can see pictures of my equipment, trace where my equipment was/is, and the cost of repairs. Sites are sharing info with us about maintenance and they can see the available gear we have ready to go. My suppliers info is in there, work orders and so much more -  just a great tool overall. The greatest part is I'm not a computer guy and I can work PMXpert."


- Alan Dicaire,

Dumas Contracting Ltd.

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