Introducing PMXpert

You know that you need a preventive maintenance program -- it saves money, extends equipment life, and increases efficiency. But despite your best intentions, are you still working in crisis mode?

Instead of playing catch-up with unexpected failures, let PMXpert Software's easy-to-use preventive maintenance program help you tackle maintenance proactively and simplify your life. After making preventive maintenance software for over 25 years, we at PMXpert know that maintenance & equipment managers like you want fast, easy implementation of solid systems. That's why we made PMXpert straightforward & simple to use, while still powerful enough to do what you need. PMXpert's flexible system adapts to any industry, so you can use the terminology & processes familiar to your workers, helping them get to peak efficiency faster.

PMXpert automatically schedules services according to the time and meter cycle you set, ensuring that important maintenance is never overlooked. Easily generate detailed Work Orders with a click, and link related services to reduce downtimes. PMXpert's integrated inventory helps you avoid shortages and waste by automatically tracking items used for services, so you can keep stock at optimal levels and make better purchasing decisions. PMXpert keeps you organized effortlessly by centralizing all maintenance information in an easy-to-view tabbed layout.

Plus, with over 40 built-in, professionally designed, customizable reports, PMXpert can help you easily review past maintenance data, predict future needs, and improve your maintenance processes. Track the information you need, including work orders, asset details, part warranties, consumption limits, services, cost history, meter updates, purchase orders, inventory, and much more.

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PMXpert Tour

Welcome to the PMXpert tour. We'll begin with assets, where you set up your machinery, vehicles, rooms and anything you need to maintain. Record the assets’ meter and warranty, and create any user-defined fields you need. You can also track the assets’ down time, parts/fluids and their warranties, attachments like photos and manuals, complete cost history, and more. For each asset, you set up scheduled services based on time or usage, adding procedures, parts, fluids and labor, so that PMXpert can automatically track when to perform maintenance.

On the PM Schedule, which displays all the scheduled services, click “Generate”, choose to group by assets or other criteria, and all work orders for the selected services are created. You can also assign service requests or manually create work orders to handle emergency repairs.

As work orders are closed, PMXpert automatically pulls detail items from the inventory. In inventory, you record all parts and fluids, including suppliers’ costs, and more. A quick glance shows out-of-stock items, and you can perform inventory adjustments and review stock movement. PMXpert’s auto-generated purchase orders pull in inventory items that hit their minimum level. You can also create purchase orders manually on demand.

PMXpert’s detailed User Rights ensure that only the right people can create, authorize and receive purchase orders, while most costs are auto-recorded via work orders. PMXpert's cost entry allows you to enter miscellaneous costs. In Cost History, you can review all costs, or search for a specific kind. PMXpert takes the guesswork out of maintenance with built-in, easy to use, customizable reports that analyze maintenance operations and help you plan for the future.

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PMXpert AlertAssistant

You need to keep track of a lot of things, but don't worry - nothing will fall through the cracks with PMXpert's AlertAssistant. The AlertAssistant automatically sends emails to notify select people that a certain event has occurred. For example - a service is overdue, inventory needs to be reordered, a purchase order was authorized, a service request was created, and other important warnings. If your current notification system involves leaving sticky notes or yelling across the floor, it's time to upgrade.

Setting up the AlertAssistant is fast and easy with the step by step wizard and predefined messages. Just choose the recipients, and automatic emails will keep the right people in the know about important activities. You can't be everywhere at once! PMXpert’s AlertAssistant is the efficient, automated way to stay on top of everything that happens.

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Service Request Module & PMXWeb

Are you tired of service requests interrupting your workflow? PMXpert has 2 options for service request intake that will make your job easier. Receive service requests by email with PMXpert's Service Request Module, or online with PMXWeb. Service requests are pulled directly into PMXpert, where your service manager can prioritize & assign them. Whichever you choose, both modules improve efficiency.

With fewer disruptions, your service manager can concentrate on accurately processing requests and providing better service according to priority. It's convenient for people who need service, as they can easily make requests on their own time, without worrying about unfamiliar terminology. You get the information you need while your carefully organized system stays safe from non-technical users.

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